Posted by Helene

What's new for 2009 return


It’s not because we aren’t at school anymore that we aren’t concerned. Back to school is the leitmotif these days... And for us, men and women in the workplace (or almost), there’s no back to work perhaps?

Yes, there is, and sometimes twice a day even! Whether you’re a student seeking a job for the academic year, a recent graduate looking for a first experience or experienced worker open to opportunities, it’s time to update your CV. I invite you to check on the "advice" section of for this part, resume writing is not my purpose today.

What I’d like to draw your attention to are all the opportunities available to you, whatever your situation is and even in times of crisis. We heard this word so much this year we feel very down and we almost forget that there are still opportunities to find our first job or to develop our career. So, let’s make a small review of this 2009 return. 


Young graduates: future is yours

Sectors such as banking, insurance, industry and supermarkets, certainly affected by the crisis, still hire. Various profiles are searched and all odds are yours with your new degrees! Other areas are still untouched by the crisis (food-industry, construction trades and sustainable development trades) are seeking new employees. So trust! Operate your network, go and meet recruiters in student forums or trade shows, use press or Internet (a wealth of job opportunities) and track your applications... 


Experienced workers: time for questioning 

After a first work experience or a several year career, urge to move might begin to be felt... It’s true that sometimes we tend to take pleasure in our routine and then we come back from vacation and say: “Oh no, no, no, I’m still not well-motivated!” The first thing is: do not panic. Then, take a big blow. That's it, we can take things easily. And, yes, this isn’t because we’ve got a "good job", "stable", "and well paid" that we don’t feel the need to go see a little further what’s happening. And to start, this cosy position, do we still look alike? Does getting it always feel good? Not that much actually. But ... you’ll tell me: "My neighbour, Mr X, lost his job, so I should be happy to have an office where I can go every morning." Certainly, yes, but, if you go backwards then, it doesn’t make any sense. It might be time to think about changing service, employer (sure you can!) or even change job (and why not redeployment!). Back to work, it's time for you to take stock. You took a step back for a few days off, and now it's time to think and make decisions. This may simply be to get your CV updated and put you in professional watch. You can help social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter or FriendFeed where you can put a link to your NetCV. However: watch your image! I’ll go back over this subject in a later article, but till now, it’s good to know that what is available to recruiters must show you as you are but give of your best! You can also actively look for a new job either in your own company or in another one. For this, you must "go to the front." Meet your supervisor or human resources manager, see the lists of positions available and subscribe to job alerts.  


For all: the motto 

Be motivated! Whether in writing your CV or your application letter or during a job interview or even during an appointment with your supervisor, show your commitment, your desire to learn and evolve. All positive attitudes are welcome and it makes work more enjoyable... 


With all this in mind, I wish you all a very good back in work 2009, either it’s full of change or not. And why not finding a job in a foreign country? To think ... I'll tell you more next time!