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Posted by Antoine

Improvements and bug fixes

With the aim to provide a service better every day, many developments have been made during the recent weeks.

You can now enjoy: 

  • a section dedicated to your skills 
  • the inclusion of location information for experience and education 
  • a new style for your CV 
  • significant improvements made on the Web (XHTML & CSS) and the PDF export for the compatibility of your CV 
  • Spanish and German support for the translation of your CV (including the translation of the contact form) 
  • improvements to the edit interface 
  • and of course ... bug fixes! 

The recent hack of Monster reinforces NetCV strategy to make the security and confidentiality of data a priority. We have, in addition to the improvements outlined above, made improvements in these areas.

Feel free to register for the beta-test (if not already) and send your comments and request for improvement!

Posted by Antoine

Invitation module

To thank the beta testers who are actively participating in the improvement of NetCV, a module of invitation has been developed and allows users to send invitation to friends and colleagues in order to make them to discover the new version of NetCV. 

Feel free to use them.

Posted by Antoine

Already a month since last article but...

We do not rest! It has been a month already since the last message, we've been too busy working on the new version! 

Beta testers have noticed many changes since early July including: 

  • Interface modification of the CV 
  • Export CV in PDF: PDF versions of your resume is updated automatically when your CV is modified
  • translations of English versions of the CV 
  • referencing on search engines (Google and also Windows Live and Yahoo) 

And major news to come: 

  • a more important part in the layout of CV (skin / design) 
  • a new category on skills 

Thank you again to every beta testers for their support and contributions.

Posted by Antoine

New statistics interface and search engine indexing

Since yesterday, a new interface that allows you to view the statistics of visits of your CV is online. 

It displays a summary of the keywords used to find your CV on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Altavista ...) and a list of recent crawlers (robots used by search engines to register your CV). 

You have of course the ability to display the full list of visits of your CV by clicking on the link list of visits in detail. 

Regarding the search engine referencing for the CV of beta testers, it will be done in a few days! It is normal now if your CV does not appear on the search engines.

Posted by Antoine

Thanks to the beta-testers !

The beta test has been run from a week now and already many comments have been sent.

A big thank to all the beta testers for your participation which helps us make NetCV better !

Keep up sending your comments and feedbacks to make NetCV the ideal tool for creating your CV online.

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