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Posted by Antoine

First analysis of your answers on the survey

Thank you for being so many to answer to the survey on the new NetCV. 

This helps us greatly to improve the new version. 

A first analysis confirms that we made the right choices. 

You are indeed enthusiastic about exporting your resume in a fixed format (PDF) to: 


  • send it by email 
  • print it without having to configure your browser 


The PDF export is one of the improvements that will be provided in the new version. 

You also want to import your existing CV (from the formats DOC, PDF, TXT ...). This feature will also be included in the beta version available mid-June. 

Creating a multi-lingual CV is also a feature that many of you are awaiting and this will be available shortly. 

Finally, you would also like to be able to demonstrate your creativity by customizing even more the display of your CV. This will be the point of a future version of the service that will give you the opportunity to express yourself. 

Let's take an appointment in a few weeks to launch the beta version of the new NetCV!