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What's next

As you, fellow NetCV users, have seen from the past months, lots of improvements have been made so far to the service provided by NetCV.

We have recently been reviewing and priorizing all the feedback emails you sent us in order to determine the upcoming features.

We are starting now the conception and will be soon moving to development in order to provide you an international service on NetCV.COM. The service will be first translated in 2 languages (English and French).

We'll keep you posted on the evolution.

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Login using OpenID

OpenID authentication is now available. 

You can now authenticate with your OpenID account. 

More information on OpenID:

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HR-XML export available

You can now export your CV in XML in order to post on sites that support this format. 

More information about HR-XML format: 

On the Wikipedia: 

On the official site of the consortium:

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Enhanced security

We have just set up HTTP access secure (HTTPS) on NetCV to improve the security of your information. 

Go now NetCV via the following address:

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A new template for your CV

A new template is available for your CV, check it on your CV "Preview".

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